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Kajsa Dahlberg, Harun Farocki, Fritz Quasthoff, Monument to Transformation, Adrian Piper, Katerina Seda,
Tomas Vanek, Vangelis Vlahos

In early 2007 tranzit.cz and the Index Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation created a collaborative programme for the exchange of ideas, projects and productions. three spring exhibitions will take place in Stockholm; Kajsa Dahlberg, who recently exhibited at Index, has been in Prague working on a new work commissioned by tranzit.cz and Index. Two screenings will be arranged by Index at the Svetozor Cinema in Prague.

Synonyma are the concrete result of the need and the decision to create a common mental space based on the encounters of artistic and curatorial practises existing under different cultural, geographical and political conditions. Affinity, difference, intersection. Time dynamics. Synonyma create vectors for future directions.

Exhibition openings:
Katerina Seda on 6 March.
Tomas Vanek on 11 April.
Monument to Transformation, fragment #4, featuring a new project by Vangelis Vlahos on 9 May.

Index, Kungsbrostrand 19, Stockholm

Harun Farocki, 26 April, 20.30
Adrian Piper, 24 May

Svetozor Cinema, Prague

Synonyma are supported by the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, The Culture Administration of Stockholm and Stockholm County Council, System-Text, Czech Centre Stockholm, Czech Airlines

3 Films by Harun Farocki
Adrian Piper: Funk Lessons

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