Lubica Kobová: Strategies of feminist organizing. A Seminar on Sexual Difference by Luis Muraro

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Seminar with Luba Kobová in the frame of Feminist (Art) institution project.
Strategies of feminist organizing. A Seminar on Sexual Difference by Luis Muraro{/(i}

at 6pm on Wednesday 11 January, at tranzit office, Dittrichova 13, Prague 2

The first of the Feminist (Art) Institution seminars focuses on inequality, hierarchy and difference and to what extent they are inevitable and must be taken into account. Radical feminism in the U.S. grew out of human rights movement and liberal feminism (Betty Friedan: The Feminine Mystique). Its core strategies consisted of consciousness-raising, the concepts of sisterhood and opening up. Its repression of difference and inequality among women paradoxically resulted in ostracizing and silencing some of the key participants. The Italian collective Milanese Women Bookstore Collective is introduced as a more viable example of feminist organizing as their thought and practice was founded on the ideas of sexual difference and the necessity to take account of inequality. The seminar is based on a discussion of Luisa Muraro’s text Sexual Difference and the ideas of symbolic motherhood and affidamento.

Lubica Kobová (*1978, Myjava, SK) is political and feminist philosopher. She is involved in the study of gender and work, working ethic, sexual and reproduction law. She is teaching at the Department of Gender Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague.

Liberation Movement Print Culture (online archív dokumentov, fotiek)

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The seminar is attended by a group of regular participants (artists, curators, critics from the Czech Republic and Slovakia) who are trying to find out a definition of a feminist institution that would be workable for them. The goal of the seminar is to formulate a set of principles that we could follow and that could initiate further debate about sexism within art institutions in the Czech Republic/Slovakia and beyond. The seminars are about sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience. The session lasts about one hour and half - two hours. (Applications for seminar by e-mail: office.cz@tranzit.org).

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