Authentic Structures

lecture & discussion

main location:
Museum Kampa
U Sovových mlýnů 2
Prague, Czech Republic

The publication Primary Documents: A Sourcebook for Central and Eastern European Art since the 1950s (The Museum of Modern Art, 2002; Eds. L. Hoptman and T. Pospiszyl) set out to introduce English-speaking readers to the region’s major artistic and critical movements in the latter half of the 20th century, taking into account that, following the fall of the Iron Curtain, the official art history of many Eastern European countries had to be reconsidered and rewritten. The symposium Authentic Structures will look at critical issues from a local perspective and engage the Central and Eastern European specialists in the discussion.

The symposium aims to explore further the polarity of culture inherent to life under repressive regimes: the official culture versus the zone of underground – a kind of cultural schizophrenia. The symposium will also focus on the dichotomy between Western and Eastern European art history and attempt to determine whether the political changes have resulted in a common cultural landscape.


8.12. 2004, 15.30
Jay A. Levenson, Director, International Program, The Museum of Modern Art New York, Jack Stack Chairman of the Board and CEO of Česká spořitelna a.s., Stephan Nobbe, director Goethe-Institut Prag, Meda Mládek, Founder of the Museum Kampa, Vít Havránek, project leader, tranzit
Marek Pokorný, Borut Vogelnik, Miran Mohar, Pawel Polit
moderators Mária Hlavajová, Vít Havránek

9.12. 2004, 10-13
Jaroslav Kozlowski, Mladen Stilinovic, Boris Ondreička, Tomáš Pospiszyl, Ján Mančuška
moderators Ekaterina Degot, Borut Vogelnik

9.12. 2004, 15-18
Laura Hoptman, Iara Boubnova, Miklos Peternak, Branka Stepancic
moderators Hedwig Saxenhuber, Georg Schöllhammer

10.12. 2004, 10-13
Mária Hlavajová, Jiří evčík, Zdenka Badovinac
moderators Laura Hoptman, Tomáš Pospiszyl

Discussion platform:
The essential part of the event is the interaction with guests invited for the discussion:
Ruxandra Balaci, Artistic Director of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania,
Joseph Backstein, Art Critic, Curator, Moscow, Russia
Beatrice von Bismarck, Art Historian, HGBK, Leipzig, Germany
Majlena Braun, International Program, MoMA, New York, USA
Adam Budak, Curator, Kunsthaus Graz, Austria
Karel Císař, Curator, Art Theorist, Czech Republic
Ekaterina Degot, Art Historian, Curator, Critic, Moscow, Russia
Miklos Erhardt, Artist, Budapest, Hungary
Stano Filko, Artist, Slovakia
Lucia Gavulova, editor, Vlna Magazine, Slovakia
Dora Hegyi, Curator, Ludwig Museum Budapest – Museum of Contemporary Art, Hungary
Viera Jančeková, Director, Galéria Jána Koniarka, Trnava, Slovakia
Július Koller, Artist, Slovakia
Jiří Kovanda, Artist, Czech Republic
Marko Lulic, Artist, Austria
Suzana Milevska, Art Theorist and Curator, Macedonia/UK
Camille Morineau, Curator, Centre George Pompidou, Paris, France
Vanessa Joan Müller, Director, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany
Markus Müller, Director of Communication, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany
Armelle Pradalier, Curator, Dia Center for the Arts, New York, USA
Hedwig Saxenhuber, Editor, Springerin, Austria
Walter Seidl, Curator, Critic, Vienna, Austria
Georg Schöllhammer, Editor, Springerin, Austria
Josh Siegel, Assistant Curator in the Film Department of MoMA, New York, USA
Milada Ślizińska, Chief Curator International Exhibitions, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland
Laco Teren, Artist, Slovakia
Igor Zabel, Senior Curator, Moderna Galerija Ljubljana, Slovenia


8.12. 2004, 18.30
screening curated by Miklos Erhardt, artist, /hu/
experimental films from Bela Balasz, Studio and archive, Budapest

9.12. 2004, 19.30
evenning buffet, location: Goethe-Institut Prag

9.12. 2004, 20.30
One of these days a film program curated by Display and Arunas Gudaitis & Laura Stasiulyte location: Goethe-Institut Prag

11.12. 2004, 10-17
prague acces no. 2 – platform, location:
Display space for contemporary art, Bubenská 3, Praha 7

invited artists and initiatives (Display, Futura, Jelení gallery, Divus publishing house) offer guests a refreshment and present their work through commentaries, photographs, videos.


Karel Malich, retrospective, City Gallery Prague /curated by Karel Srp/
František Skála, Skála in the Rudolfinum, Galerie Rudolfinum /curated by Petr Nedoma/

The symposium is organised by tranzit, The Museum of Modern Art New York, Goethe-Institut Prag.
Funding was generously provided by tranzit, Goethe Institut-Prag, The Trust for Mutual Understanding, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, The Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder Travel Fund for Central and Eastern Europe, Institut Francais de Prague, Pro Helvetia. Special thanks to Sylvia Liska

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