Jan Regal – from Slušovice to Vietnam / photography

screening and discussion

Jan Regal, who came from a village near Zlín, was doing an advertising photographs for Agrokombinát Slušovice in the 80's. Slušovice was then perceived as a unique phenomenon. People went on a trip there to see animals, the employees could go shopping at the Quatro shops, which were their own Slušovice Tuzex. They also saved money in their own bank and a few miles from the village to Zlín there was a cooperative built highway. Slušovice wanted to start tourism in Vietnam and set up its own travel agency. As a part of this project, photographer Jan Regal came to Vietnam as well. He captured pictures of the life around Saigon, the abandoned French hotels and specific atmosphere of the time.

On Monday October 15th we will screen these rare photos with him in person in the tranzit office, come to visit!

On the event Tuan Mami and Chau Hoang – two guests of our residential program will be also present. Mami and Chau are members of Nhà Sàn Studio originated from Nhà Sàn Collective – the longest running non-profit experimental art space in Vietnam.

15th October 2018 - 6 p. m.
tranzit office
Dittrichova 13, Prague

The event will be in Czech and English
Free entrance

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