Tereza Stejskalová – Death of the Artist. Long Live the Helpers!

We can imagine the art world as a household where some people do work that is invisible, even though it makes any artistic creation at all possible. We see only the authors - the artists and the curators. But art contains many other roles that are indispensable. Many of them require a great deal of effort and imagination, inventiveness and sensitivity. The art world is full of production and curatorial assistants, caretakers of various kinds, educators, restorers and invigilators. In this essay you will meet them. The passionate ones who work from a place of love and give far more to the art world than they are paid for. And those who are about to burn out, or have already burned out, and who see art merely as an alienated job. What would the art world look like if women helpers stepped out of the shadow of the artists?

Česká edice
Year: 2023
Price: 150 Kč


Czech edition
Published by: tranzit.cz
Author: Tereza Stejskalová
Consultations: Jan Bělíček, Helena Mustakallio, Barbora Kleinhamplová
Proofreading: Věra Becková
Production: Karin Akai
Graphic design: Olbram Pavlicek
Pre-print adjustments: Jaroslav Vlček
Printing: Tiskárny Havlíčkův Brod, a.s.
First edition, Prague 2023
Number of pages: 64 pages, paperback
ISBN: 978-80-87259-59-7

The book is published with the support of the City of Prague.


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