Ondřej Chrobák: Mně 40. Manuál pro milovníky současného umění (I’m 40. A manual for contemporary art lovers)

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This manual by Ondřej Chrobák is being published on the occasion of the author’s 40th birthday in honour of the many years he has spent systematically working on institutional, self-deprecating creative projects. The illustrations for the book, which was published in instalments between September 2008 to summer 2015 in the magazine Art+Antiques, are by Jiří Franta and David Böhm. The publication was supported by the Moravian Gallery in Brno and tranzit.cz.

“I remember when you could only find art books in antiquarian bookshops.
I remember when only twelve people a year studied art history.
I remember when you could smoke wherever you liked at art school.
I remember when texts were written in T602.
I remember when a ring-bound catalogue was the height of cool.
I remember when I attempted in vain to learn what postmodern art was at the library of Umprum.
I remember when the end of history was announced and even the end of art.
I remember when curators were called commissioners.
I remember when there was no permanent exhibition of modern art.
I remember when there was a huge exhibition of Andy Warhol at the Waldstein Riding School.
I remember when exhibitions and catalogues filled in the white spaces of history.
I remember when we looked forward to an art market starting up.
I remember when Reon Argondian had a gallery in Mostecká S!treet.
I remember when we argued about whether advertising could be art or not.
I remember when all the exhibitions at the Rudolfinum were about identity.
I remember when all the exhibitions in the Trade Palace were about fractals and the butterfly effect.
I remember when having an exhibition in the Špála Gallery was the apex of one’s career.
I remember when most people hated the Ševčíks.
I remember how pleased I was when my name first appeared in the magazine Atelier.
I remember when new media was genuinely new.
I remember when I first saw the internet.
I remember that when I joined the National Gallery there was no computer in my office.”

Czech edition
Authors: Ondřej Chrobák, Jan Skřivánek
Publisher: tranzit.cz (www.tranzit.org), Moravská galerie v Brně, Art+Antiques
Distributor: KOSMAS
Design: Jožka Gabriel, dusot.cz
City: Prague
Year: 2016
Pages: 225
Price: 200 CZK (8 €)


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