New podcast series: Ke zdrojům!

Where to take, and why give? A podcast about the clash between art and reality

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The six-part podcast series Ke zdrojům! is about physical, inspirational, financial, and human resources in culture. What are the backgrounds, needs, limits, and motivations of those who make, teach, or distribute art? Where and under what conditions – or in spite of what – does art emerge, and what social questions does it raise?

We ask for resources whenever we sense change, a lack, or uncertainty. Resources change along with the needs of the society that seeks, extracts, provides, and defines them. Art can initiate such changes as well as reflect on them, and it is therefore an important space for dialogue. The podcast Ke zdrojům! explores current social issues such as the need for space to live and work, the availability of arts education, and power relations, whether they are in family ties, sex, or international politics.

Each episode of the podcast has a slightly different genre, but each gives space to personal and lived experience. Interviews with pupils and teachers at an art-focused primary school are complemented by a report that explores the rural life of two female artists. The audience will also encounter two texts concerning the transformation of interpersonal relationships and the relationship with one's body, currently important topics in art. The crisis regarding the distribution of resources is addressed in the testimonies of representatives of cultural platforms.

The podcast is produced by tranzit.cz, an initiative for contemporary art, in collaboration with the online daily Deník Alarm. The series is hosted by Tereza Havlínková, the sound design is by Jonáš Rosůlek, the visual identity is designed by the studio Day Shift Office, and the producer of the podcast is Tereza Stejskalová from tranzit.cz. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Please note that the podcast is only available in Czech.

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