Artist in Residence: Nikita Kadan

Biennale Matter of Art news

From November 30 till December 29, tranzit.cz in collaboration with Lidice Memorial and Lidice Art Collection will host Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan. The residency is part of the upcoming Biennale Matter of Art 2024 and will result in the making of a new commissioned artwork.

As part of his stay, Nikita Kadan will conduct his research at the Lidice Art Collection and take part in the upcoming public event Excavating Solidarity alongside Marta Popivoda, Zbyněk Baladrán, Aleksei Borisionok and Katalin Erdődi. Reflecting on the solidary Lidice Art Collection Kadan will share his experience of working with the prominent modern art collection of the Kmytiv Museum of Soviet Art in the context of Russia's ongoing imperialist invasion of Ukraine, policies of decommunization, and the crisis situation with museums and art collections in the country in general.

The residency is funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU and the Czech-German Fund for the Future.

Trained in large-scale painting, Nikita Kadan’s artistic practice encompasses installation, graphics, painting, wall drawing, and urban postering, sometimes in collaboration with architects, human rights activists, and sociologists. His practice critically engages with the social, cultural, and political experiences of Ukrainian citizens and their current and past relationships to their former Soviet era. Kadan is a member of a Ukrainian artist collective called R.E.P. (Revolutionary Experimental Space) since 2004 and founding member of HUDRADA (Artistic Committee), a curatorial and activist collective, since 2008.

Photo by Bert de Leenheer


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