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After the conclusion of several years of fruitful co-operation on the tranzitdisplay project (2018), tranzit.cz is continuing with changes in its internal structure, functioning and content of activity. We are happy to inform you that as of 1 March the position will be taken on by the new executive director Veronika Janatková.

Veronika Janatková is a producer, director and curator. In the last decade she has worked primarily in the field of documentary films with a social-political theme. She deals with the issue of worldwide manufacturing chains and the dynamics of the global north and south, feminist movements in Rwanda and the political reality in the post-Soviet Caucasus.
Veronika’s directing debut from 2019 is a documentary film about utopias within the context of space exploration and the cosmic spring. She co-founded DokuBaku, the first independent festival of documentary film in Baku, Azerbaijan, she works as a programme script editor.

In future the main job content of the executive director, her co-workers and the collective will be the organisation of the international biennale of contemporary art. The first exhibition will take place in 2020, and will be organised by the collective tranzit.cz in co-operation with the Prague City Gallery.

In 2018 the new administrative board of the collective commenced its function, with the following composition: Isabela Grosseová (chairman), Věra Janíčková (vice-chairman), Anna Daučíková, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Jesper Alvaer, Jiří Ševčík and Tereza Stöckelová.

Tereza Stejskalová is continuing in her work for tranzit.cz, and in the next two years shall be responsible for the programme content of the collective. Together with Vít Havránek she will co-curate the first biennale exhibition in 2020.

Vít Havránek shall be leaving the position of director after a term of fifteen years, and from February 2019 will take up the position of vice-chancellor for foreign affairs at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He will continue to co-operate externally with tranzit.cz as the curator on the first year of the biennale.

executive director
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Vít Havránek >>> Veronika Janatková

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Jiří Ševčík, Tomáš Pospiszyl, Tomáš Vaněk >>> Jiří Ševčík, Isabela Grosseová, Věra Janíčková, Anna Daučíková, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Tereza Stöckelová, Jesper Alvaer

Biennial Preparation Team: Matter of Art
Veronika Janatková - executive director
Vít Havránek - curator
Tereza Stejskalová - curator
Věra Janíčková - editor, production
Johana Hořejší - production


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