An Intervention: Lẩu Nghệ Thuật (Art Hotpot)

Nha San Collective

In a lot of Asian cultures, hotpot is considered a communal eating experience where people would alternately put a variation of ingredients into a heated steamboat placed at the center of the table and eat from it. It is a tradition of family members and friends gathering around the table to share stories with each other. Based on the idea of this comforting cuisine experience, our project is an attempt to intervene into a space of a different artistic landscape, as well as trying to weave a connection between art and cultural activities of Vietnamese in Czech Republic with the community of art practitioners here in order to generate an alternative space for dialogues and exchanges.

1. NSC bar and art archive
17/10/2018 – 22/10/2018, 4pm – 9pm

*everyday except 19th and 20th.

2. Sapa Market Art Tour
18/10/2018. 3pm-6pm

Tour guide: Dung Suzy (meeting point: Sapa market’s bus station)
Please register beforehand via this form

3. Lẩu nghệ thuật (Art Hotpot)
21/10/2018. 3-4pm:

+ Suzy poet’s reading (in Vietnamese and Cezch language)
+ performance by Pham Minh Thang & His Father
- 6pm-10pm: Hotpot dinner and Karaoke (In Collaborate with Vietup )
Please register beforehand via this form

* On 19th&20th Unlearning Biennale Symposium, at Moderni Galerie AVU, Vystaviste 188, Prague. (https://www.facebook.com/events/2175486452692045/)

* On 19th Art talk about Tuan Mami’s work and Nhasan Collective at Anthill Café; From 6.30-8pm (https://www.facebook.com/events/241823896486315/)

17/10/2018 – 22/10/2018
at Tranzit, Dittrichova 13, Prague 2

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organized by Nha San Collective
An independent art space in Hanoi, originated from Nha San Studio, the longest running non-profit experimental art space in Vietnam formed in 1998. Since the establishment in 2013, Nhà Sàn Collective has organized a series of mobile and guerrilla projects in public spaces as well as large scale projects with international institutes in Vietnam and abroad, dedicated to examining local and global socio-political contexts and history. Tuan Mami and Chau Hoang, two members of NSC’s curatorial board are now guests of the residential programme Institution in Residence in Prague and are organizers of this event.

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