Symposium: Who Are We Talking With? What Can Institutions Unlearn from Artists


Symposium Who Are We Talking With? What Can Institution Unlearn from Artist is a part of the first edition of The Matters of Art, Biennale of Contemporary Art curated by Vít Havránek and Tereza Stejskalová which is to take place in Prague, in June 2020.

About the Biennale:
Organized by tranzit.cz and curated by Tereza Stejskalová and Vít Havránek, the first edition of The Matters of Art, Biennale of Contemporary Art founds a critical, self-critical and experimental institution. It is an attempt to build a platform to think about international relations in the field of culture while taking account of ecological sustainability, without blindly following the trajectories of the global capital. Our aim is to emancipate repressed relationships between the past and present and examine and dwell in social spaces where legible communication usually breaks down.

Questions for the Symposium Who Are We Talking With
1) Is it possible to meaningfully but only temporarily engage communities of which one is not a member?

2) How does one deal with the tension between the primary public (the one that directly participates in the artwork) and the secondary public (of art space visitors)?

3) How does one create platforms through art where people of different class, gender and race interact? How can we talk with communities outside our social milieu in a meaningful way through art?

4) How does one acknowledge and financially remunerate the work of audience members/the primary public?

5) What kind of power relations are established between the artist and participants? Which are desirable and which are problematic?

6) In what ways does the artist need art institutions when creating a relationship with the public?

7) Which conditions make art institutions public? Is it the subject matter of a collection (e.g. museum of social movements)? Is it the access of public to the power/economical/curatorial structure?

8) What are the ways that art institutions can (un)learn from artistic practices that engage and create communities around issues of concern and thus bring them - both the communities and issues in question - to the attention of others? In what ways can they inspire a critical and self-critical art institution that does not want to enlighten the public in the tradition of modernism nor produce commercial spectacles?

17th - 18th May 2019
Kampus Hybernská
Hybernská 4, Prague 1

Kampus Hybernská

schedule and other details of the event will be publish April 2019

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Matter of Art Symposium


Participants of the symposium
- Illia Gladshtein (Ukraine)
- Dmitry Vilensky (Russia)
- Igor Stokfiszewski(Poland)
- Ruti Sela (Israel)
- Željka Blakšić (Croatia)
- Andang Kelana (Indonesia)
- Sráč Sam (Czech Republic)
- Jiří Skála (Czech Republic)
- Lucy Lopez (UK)
- Alex Martinis Roe (UK)
- Marc Wilson (UK)
- James McAnally and Brea James McAnally (USA)
- Marcus Steinweg (Germany)
- Emília Rigová (Slovak Republic)
- Jonas Staal (Netherlands)
- Saša Uhlová and Jan Bělíček (Czech republic)


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