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EGYPT: Emergency
Invited guests: Tereza Spencerová, Pavel Barša, Yaser Daniel Reizk

Critical eye upon the current situation in Egypt.

How do people that have directly taken part in, or followed the recent events view the current situation in Egypt – and not just over the past few weeks? The invited guests are linked by their actual experience of Egypt and/or their long-term focus on this region. We would like the discussion to be distanced from the emotions brought on by Western media; and want to supplement the rawness of the street fighting photographs with another more general level of the current situation.

What are we learning of Egypt and what should we learn of it? How can the Egypt situation be compared with Central European experiences? What role can culture and art play in the democratization process?

Tereza Spencerová
journalist, lived in Cairo for several years and still returns there, was present the beginning of street demonstrations

Pavel Barša
philosopher and political scientist specializing in international relations and postcolonial studies

Yaser Daniel Reizk
journalist, longtime reporter several Arab newspapers in Central Europe. He comes from Egypt, the Czech Republic is home to nearly 32 years

10.2. 2011 7 p.m.
Dittrichova 9, Prague, CZ

Discussion is held in Czech

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