workshop Monument to transformation

Monument to transformation

This workshop is part of the wider "Monument to Transformation" project. It
is being held within the framework of the most extensive exhibition
organized to date at the Prague City Gallery, on the occasion of the
publication of the Czech version of the Transformation Atlas.

The starting point of the workshop is that the experiences of countries
which have undergone transformation processes (Eastern Europe, Greece,
Spain, Southeast Asia and certain Latin American countries) are comparable
from a new geographic perspective. The basic theme deals with the
possibilities for the artistic representation and articulation of elusive
transformation processes that contemporary artists are trying to redefine
using new exhibition and publication formats. The comparison will be carried
out by a group of authors and panel participants based on both analyses and
subjective interpretations of the entries in the Transformation Atlas. The
workshop will also include contributions showcasing the plurality of
methodological and imaginative approaches used by the creative forces behind
the project and has been conceived as a lecture followed by a discussion. It
is intended for anyone actively engaged in doing research on
transformational phenomena curators from all over the world and students.

Dittrichova 9, Prague, CZ

přednášející/speakers: Anna Paula Cohen, Claire Bishop, Eileen Legaspi
Ramirez, Jy Moon, Joanna Erbel, Victor Misiano, Karl Holmquist, Georg

hosté/guests: Alina Serban, Antonia Majaca, Beatriz Herraez, Chuz Martinez,
Jessica Morgan, Natasa Petresin-Bachelez,

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Monument to Transformation

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