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Version magazine no.4. content:
amiel grumberg, culinary convolutions,miklos erhardt & dominic hislop, re: routea remapping of the city of turinfrom the perspective of recent immigrants, ovidiu .ichindeleanu, territorial pissings, federico rahola, definitively temporary zones,andreas fogarasi, public brands, federica sossi, in the spaces of the outside, guy rottier, retreat lodges to be burned after usage (1968- 1969), augustin ioan, the (post)communist/ monumental junk space, amy cheung, 72 hours of sound and vision madein hong kong, adriana lara, ideas, anna daneri, italian mapping: cartographies and territories, glimpses of the invisible city: a conversationbetween toyo ito and hans ulrich obrist, laura maritano, walls, maps and road maps:israelís view of a palestinian state,nikola jankovic, the world web cam ofarmin linke, martin koeppl, remarks on theaestetics of trajectory and nomadism:mapping (inter-)faces of the world, danperjovschi, white chalk, dark issues, tom mccarthy on roman vasseur/the consignment, the institute, the one-way ticket worldwidetravels, angela detanico & rafael lain, seoul city, hans ulrich obrist, interview withpeter cook, yona friedman, la ville-continent

4.15 p.m.
Academy of Arts, Achitecture and Design
Náměstí Jana Palacha 80
Prague, Czech republic
lecture hall No.115

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