Biennale Matter of Art Prague 2022

The second edition of the international exhibition organized by tranzit.cz

The second edition of the Biennale Matter of Art will take place in 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic. The project will examine historical relations between Eastern Europe and the Global South and the repercussions these histories have had on the cultural institutions in the region. The thematic foundation of the planned biennale builds on current discussions about how to address the historical entanglement of art museums in Eastern Europe and their collections in the global colonial relations.

The curatorial working group for the biennale comprises Rado Ištok, Renan Laru-an, Piotr Sikora and the collective of tranzit.cz. Read more on www.matterof.art/2022

Matter of Art is a long-term institutional experiment and intervention into the public space. It is a non-profit, critical, and self-critical organization which investigates possibilities for the social and political functions of art in the present day. Matter of Art’s events and projects have no fixed format and operate across various social strata. These activities culminate in the international Biennale Matter of Art, which began in 2020 in Prague.

Matter of Art abides by the code of practice of feminist institutions, which values interconnection and sustainability over performance and productivity. We believe it possible in institutional practice to foresee the world we want and thus contribute to a more concrete vision of a better future. This happens with an awareness of the contradictions which stem from the political, social, and economic realities in which we function. By addressing and highlighting these issues, we transform our institution into a political space.

We want to be meaningful in a local context, lead discussions about the position of art, culture, and cultural institutions in the region, and foster long-term relationships with local communities; however, we don’t want to limit ourselves to local issues. We develop international connections and build relationships based on solidarity beyond the scope of our own culture. We believe institutions are never neutral, that they contribute to maintaining or challenging the status quo. We are building a cultural institution as a space for public discussion about visions that carry within them a hope for emancipation, social and ecological justice, and real democracy.

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