Confusion is Chaos Buried

pop up exhibition + performance

The one-day pop-up exhibition will tackle the topic of diasporic condition, what it means to have more than one identity, to exist between two cultural contexts, to inherit a culture or to identify with a culture. It will feature artists who express their diverse experiences of culture and identity in the work they make; often expressing alternative narratives and challenging commonplace ideas about national and cultural identity in relation to class, gender or race.

The exhibition will present artists of different generations based in Hanoi, Berlin or Prague: Tuan Mami, Sung Tieu, Minh Thang Pham, Lem Trag, Vi Huyen Tran.

Curated by: Tuan Mami & tranzit.cz

Tuan Mami is an interdisciplinary artist based in Hanoi. In his locally specific work, Mami deals with the impacts of the ecological crisis in Vietnam and the question of the Vietnamese diaspora in Cambodia, the USA and the Czech Republic. He is a member of the Nha San collective in Hanoi, which has been educating young artists and organizing exhibitions for ten years.

Minh Thang Pham, born in Hai Phong, came to the Czech Republic when he was two years old. For him, the issue of uprootedness and the loss of the original cultural identity becomes most sensitive in family relationships. He explores family relationships through video or performance. Last projects include site-specific installation in a grocery store run by Vietnamese and exhibition in Á Space in Hanoi. Currently, he is a student of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

Lem Trag Nguyen is an artist born in Germany. Growing up between Germany and Vietnam between Western and Eastern cultures blurred the identity for her. She studied painting at Ruhr Academie on Essen and Fine Arts at Adademie der Bildended Künste in Stuttgart. She has shown her work both in Germany (AbK, Stuttgart) and Vietnam (A Space, Hanoi, Nha San, Hanoi)

Vi Huyen Tran was born in Prague, her parents were among the many young Vietnamese invited to study in Czechoslovakia in early 1980s. Vi is a sound and performing artist. Her electronic music project Viah won the Czeching Award organized by Radio Wave in 2019. She is a founding member of two theater companies Ňun&Ví and Lunar Collective.

Sung Tieu, born in Hai Duong, Vietnam, is an artist based between Berlin and London. She is an artist who works across performance, installation, moving image, photography, and sound. Recent and forthcoming projects this year include State of Motion (2019) at Asian Film Archive, Singapore; Loveless (2019) at Piper Keys, London, Parrhesiades, Flat Time House, London, and Fragile, Berlin. She will present her latest research at “Images of a Nation,” a symposium as part of the Don McCullin retrospective at Tate Britain, London. Tieu will also be artist in residence at CCA NTU Singapore at the end of 2019. She is part of several artist collectives, among them TROI OI, East London Cable, and Asia Art Activism.

Anthill, Americká 39, Prague 2
September 29, 2019 at 6 p.m

Line-up of performances:
6:30 Minh Thang Pham: Bố ơi, II
7:00 Vi Huyen Tran: Domů
7:30 Lem Lem Trag: Cõng đá

Catering by Anthill.

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The event was supported by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Prague and GESTOR - The Union for the Protection of Authorship.

Photo credit Minh Thang Pham

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