Is Everyone Right? Karel Floss and the Others


A portrait of the development of post-Velvet Revolutionary thinking in the Czech Republic, at the centre of which is the philosopher and leftwing Christian Karel Floss. This Vachkov-style documentary, full of irony, alienating elements and semantic counterpoint, features many other thinkers, from Noam Chomsky, Alain Badiou and Slavoj Žižek, via Tomáš Halík, Milan Knížák and Václav Klaus, to Daniel Kroupa, Milan Kohout and Ondřej Slačálek.

Helena Všetečková is a graduate in documentary film at FAMU. She is the director of the full-length documentary films Rula, Ticho, Čumba Ladislav, Doc. Karel Floss and Other Heroes of Our Demonstrations in 2007 (2007) and Hauser and Žižek: Theoreticians of Post-Marxist Philosophy (2008, shown at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival). She collaborates with Helena Papírníková-Horáčková and in her own words operates within the “naive branch of Czech documentary film”.

Tuesday 26 April 7:30pm
Dittrichova 9, Prague, CZ

A screening of the graduate film by Helena Všetečková

The screening will be followed by a discussion and drinks with the director.

Film and discussion will be held in Czech.


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