Fashion in Film II


This programme celebrates the secret life of clothes, and the enigmatic qualities that emanate from the filmic treatment of their materiality. Including extraordinary footage by leading filmmakers and artists such as Georges Méliès, Hans Richter and Erwin Wurm, it is a collection of film techniques which set clothes’ empty shells in motion. Through various modes of displaying they allow clothes to assume new shapes or spin off into abstraction. Clothes and cloth are presented in rituals such as folding and unfolding, touching and feeling, soaking and inflating, transforming, flying or dancing. They are independent, at least to a degree, of the body parts that normally give them meaning. By obscuring their immediate function, films in The Enigma programme reveal clothes as estranged, dreamlike, playful and elusive—making them potent carriers of fascination, desire, emotion and sensual pleasure.

We would like to thanks to Václav Kofroň, NFA, Prague

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