The Society of the Spectacle: Films by Guy Debord


The Situationist International has a reputation of the most radical European avant-garde movement which in the name of revolutionary change of the society has freed itself even from art. Its leader Guy Debord (1931-1994) is known especially for his theoretical proclamations. He has made six innovative films
which have been unavailable until recently. These films, according to some rather subversive provocations than works of art, are perfect demonstrations of a Situationist practice called the dérive (drifting), a free usage of existing works of art and a transfer of their original meanings. The result is a visual collage of clips from Hollywood features, TV commercials, documentary photographs or comics. In contrast is the voiceover which completely changes the context. Two films by Guy Debord will be screened. On the passage of some persons through a rather short unity of time depicts the bohemian milieu in the fifties in Paris, focusing on the city as a representation of how the social system operates. The Society of the Spectacle is Debord’s film adaptation of his homonymous book, rebellion in Paris in 1968. Both films will be screened in the Czech Republic for the first time and they may cause uprising.

the tranzit series - the screening presented by Svetozor cinema will continue throughout 2006 with one screening per month, invited artists and theoreticians get the chance to conceive and present their selection of video and films for one evening.

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