Urban Wandering


A day in a city is an urban symphony about the city and specifically Stockholm
n the fiftieas. Hultén has constructed a collage of images on the basis of the
aesthetics of silent film and the montage technique of Vertov and Ruttmann. A day in the City moves between pure experimentation and humorous touches, poking fun at the labyrinths of burocracy. The fundamental feature of the film is, however, the joy of discovery inherant in the medium, through which new filmic possibilities are explored.

Sans Soleil-Chris Marker. The letters of a freelance cameraman are read by an unknown woman. Travelling through the world, he remains attracted to two extreme
poles of survival: Japan and Africa, in particular Guinea –Bissau and the Cape Verde islands. The cameraman broods over the representation of the world of which he is permanently the maker, and the role of memory which he has helped to create.

total length: 130 min., original version with simultaneous translation
In collaboration with Filmform, Stockholm a Argos Films, Paris

the tranzit series - the screening presented by Světozor cinema will continue throughout 2006 with one screening per month, invited artists and theoreticians get the chance to conceive and present their selection of video and films for one evening.

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