f l u x u s - state of continuous change


The forerunner of minimal/conceptual artists’ films. A collective reel of short films, each concentrated only on one subject and each a statement about a film, by American Film-makers belonging to the Fluxus Group.
This reel includes: Yoko Ono’s,George Maciunas, Eric Anderson, Robert Watts, Albert Finne, John Cale etc.

Lars Movin’s The Misfits is a video portrait of the artists’ group, formed in the early 1960s, who have since then had a notoriously disruptive influence on the public’s idea of what art can be. Much of the documentary was shot in Venice in 1990, when many of the original artists met to hold a large exhibition. Amongst those interviewed are Jonas Mekas, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik and Ben Vautier. Joseph Beuys, John Cage and George Maciunas are seen at work and in conversation. This is an important and entertaining addition to modern art history.

total length: 180 min.
original version with simultaneous translation

the tranzit series - the screening presented by Svetozor cinema will continue throughout 2006 with one screening per month, invited artists and theoreticians get the chance to conceive and present their selection of video and films for one evening.

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