David Lamelas: Time Is a Fiction


In this programme of some of his early films, Lamelas experiments with both the elliptical constructs of fiction which frame and contain meaning, and the verité qualities of durational documentation and straight to camera testimony. On the occasion of a solo exhibition at the Galerie Ivon Lambert in Paris, David Lamelas once again creates a work where the point of departure is the "site" itself. This work is based on a conversation with French writer Marguerite Duras.The first part of Reading Film from Knots by R. D. Laing shows various pages of a text written by English psychoanalyst Ronald D. Laing, where he converts real cases of human interaction into abstract and paradoxical verbal models. Cumulativ script is a drama unfolds in London parkland, as Lamelas balances modernist autocritique with the mimetic discourse of cinema. Between 11:58 A.M. and 12:02 P.M. at chosen moment site in Milan near the Galleria Francoise Lambert, where David Lamelas was invited to mount a solo exhibition, a short film Gente di Milano was shot with a stationary camera documenting everything that happened to enter its angle of view. The iInvention of Dr Morel inspired by the celebrated novel by Adolfo Bioy Casares, La invención de Morel (Morel’s Invention), this video was produced in Germany with actor Brian Cox in the role of the doctor who invented a machine to duplicate the woman he loved.

"Interview" with Marguerite Duras, 1970, sound, B&W, 7 mins, 16mm
Reading Film from Knots by R.D. Laing,1970, sound, colour, 15 mins, 16mm
Cumulative Script 1971, silent, colour, 12 mins, 16mm
Gente de Milano 1971, silent, colour, 3 mins, 16mm
The Invention of Dr Morel, 2000, 25 mins, video

Introduced by Vjera Borozan

In collaboration with LUX, London
original version with simultaneous translation
total length: 62 min.

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