The Tribute to the Electronic Music Magician Erkki Kurenniemi


Kurenniemi´s story is a fascinating and forceful depiction of a forgotten visionary. Throughout the years he has constantly seeked for new kind of user interfaces for musical instruments and semiautomatic music generation. Therewill be screened some of his experimental films from the sixties, some of his Basic Art animations and a documentary about Kurenniemi by Mika Taanila The Future Is Not What It Used To Be.

The Future Is Not What It Used To Be is a film about Erkki Kurenniemi, whose career represents a nature blend of music, film, computers, robotics, science and art. The film revolves Kurenniemi´s task of collecting everything. Kurenniemi records his thoughts, observations, objects and most trivial images constantly, with manic precision, with the ultimate goal of reconstructing the human soul-merging man andmachine.

introduced by floex - Tomáš Dvořák

original version with english subtitles
total length: 100 min.

in co-operation with Finnish production company Kinotar Oy by special courtesy of the author Erkki Kurenniemi

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