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Candice Breitz: Aiwa to Zen During my first visit to Japan in 2002, I wrote down every Japanese word that I had known before visiting Japan. The thin vocabulary of about 150 words that I managed to scrape together had to do almost exclusively with an exotic and imaginary Japan, or a consumable Japan... with eating Japanese food, Japan at war, Japanese pop culture, the Japanese art and fashion worlds, and, overwhelmingly, with dozens of Japanese brand names. I asked five Japanese-speakers to improvise a series of scenes from daily life, using only my primitive foreigner's Japanese.

Jeanne Faust: Interview The basis of Interview (2003) was a failed attempt to conduct a conversation with Lou Castel, a former Chabrol and Fassbinder actor. Castel subsequently agreed to reenact the progression of this miscarried dialogue. In the resulting film, the roles of the actors were reassigned. This staged process of failure was converted into a sensitive document of an ambivalent encounter.

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