Tequila Gang


The project grew up from the Inside Out homeless photography project (by Big Hope, 1998) where Laszlo Hudak was one of the participants. Contribution by the Balazs Bela Studio was given through producing the film and editing it professionally - even if the story line stricktly followed the instructions by the directors, first of all Hudak`s vision on the unfolding of the story.
The end product shows two layers with equal emphasis - one is a `straight story` where an almost imperceptibly inscenated documentation of the conflictual interpersonal relations within the gang leads to an eruption, then slowly slips into a greatly fictitious solution; the other seems to be a subtle case study on film-making, manipulation and the ambiguity of social documentary.

Tequila Gang was part of the official documentary programme at the 31st Hungarian Film Festival in 1999, was shown at information programmes in the Split New Film Festival and (its Super8 excerpts) in the Oberhause Kurzfilmtage in 2000, as well as at numerous informal screenings.

introduced by Miklos Erhardt

original version with english subtitles
total length: 58 min.

in collaboration with Laszlo Hudak, Imre Lenart, Béla Balasz Studio, Budapest

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