Jana Ševčíková – Jiří Ševčík: Texty (Writings)

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This book, entitled simply Writings, presents for the first time a selection of studies, essays, exhibition texts and criticism by Jana Ševčíková (1941) and Jiří Ševčík (1940), supplemented by their complete bibliography and a list of the exhibitions they have curated.
Curators, art historians, critics and teachers, Jana Ševčíková and Jiří Ševčík represent a major presence in Czech art history.

The original plan to print the texts in chronological order proved to be inappropriate; it would have obscured the various themes that Jana and Jiří Ševčík have focused on over the course of more than forty years. We therefore decided to divide the texts into specific clusters to provide the reader with basic orientation and also as an attempt to indicate the main points of interest of the two authors. The arrangement of essays in the individual chapters combines a chronological viewpoint with that of content. We have moreover divided the texts into four primary groups: architecture, art, monographs and interviews with the Ševčíks. The book also features essays on the Ševčíks by Milena Kalinovská and Peter Weibel, with whom the Ševčíks have worked through the years and who are among their circle of friends. We feel strongly that this book will become a base for the critical assessment of the contribution of the Ševčíks, since it will be the first in-depth study of their professional work.

Czech edition
Authors: Jana Ševčíková, Jiří Ševčík
Editors: Terezie Nekvindová
Translated by: Barbara Day, Jakub Kaifosz, Dan Morgan, Marek Tomin
Publisher: tranzit.cz
Distributor: KOSMAS
City: Prague
Year: 2010
Pages: 127
ISBN/ISSN: 78-80-87259
Price: 360 CZK (14 €)

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Czech edition
Prague, 2010
published by tranzit.cz and VVP AVU
ISBN tranzit 978-80-87259-08-5
ISBN avu 978-80-87108-18-5
645 pages, 207 x 149 mm, softcover
distribution by Kosmas (www.kosmas.cz)


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