Art Space Unlimited

Resilient communities at the forefront of contemporary art institutions /

Five European non-profit art organizations have teamed up to learn from each other and find new ways to open up to audiences with limited access to institutionalized culture.

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Grafting Resilience

With Alicja Rogalska, Platforma Výkvět, Saša Uhlová, Katalin Erdődi /

As part of the upcoming Biennale Matter of Art 2024 and in cooperation with the Hraničář Gallery in Ústí nad Labem, tranzit.cz invites you to an encounter with Berlin-based Polish visual artist Alicja Rogalska, journalist Saša Uhlová, and Platforma Výkvět, a self-organized network of ecological flower farmers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia with whom Rogalska is collaborating for her new work for the biennale.

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To Leave Is to Return Another Way

Festival of performance /

To Leave Is to Return Another Way is the second edition of the festival of performance art curated by tranzit.cz. The event will take place on 13 December 2023 from 7PM to 2AM at Ankali & Planeta Za in Prague.

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New podcast series: Ke zdrojům!

Where to take, and why give? A podcast about the clash between art and reality /

The six-part podcast series Ke zdrojům! is about physical, inspirational, financial, and human resources in culture. What are the backgrounds, needs, limits, and motivations of those who make, teach, or distribute art? Where and under what conditions – or in spite of what – does art emerge, and what social questions does it raise?

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Excavating Solidarity

How do we read history through perspectives of feminist storytelling and solidarity? /

Encounter with artists Marta Popivoda, Nikita Kadan, and Zbyněk Baladrán as well as Miloslav Vorlíček, the curator of the Lidice Memorial Art Collection, and Aleksei Borisionok, co-curator of the Biennale Matter of Art 2024

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Artist in Residence: Nikita Kadan

Biennale Matter of Art news /

From November 30 till December 29, tranzit.cz in collaboration with Lidice Memorial and Lidice Art Collection will host Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan. The residency is part of the upcoming Biennale Matter of Art 2024 and will result in the making of a new commissioned artwork.

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Online Bookshop

Order books published by tranzit.cz at knihy.matterof.art /

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Residencies and mobility 2023

In 2023, tranzit maintained a dense schedule of curatorial and artistic residencies and research trips to various European countries supported in the framework of NextGenerationEU. /

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Latest information about the Biennale Matter of Art, new books from the tranzit publishing house, and other projects – straight into your mailbox. /

Subscribe via matterof.art now and be among the first who receive latest information about the biennale and our other projects directly into your mailbox. We send the emails on a monthly basis with the exception of the biennale exhibition, when you will be receiving two emails per month. You may opt out at any moment.

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Hoří chemička, něco si přej | book launch with authors Bára Bažantová and Michal Karvay

The book /

In September 2021 the artist and social worker Bára Bažantová together with the anthropologist Lenka Podroužek Polčová moved for one month into the Libuše Community Centre, based in the Janov housing estate in Litvínov. During this time Bažantová kept a diary, which then formed the background for her book

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We Are All Emotional

Festival of performance art curated by tranzit.org and organized by tranzit.cz/Biennale Matter of Art in co-operation with Divadlo X10 /

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Important information about the festival We Are All Emotional

Tickets, reservations, child zone, afterparty & more /

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Jiří Ševčík has died

It is with a heavy heart that we have received the news of the passing of our friend, collaborator, founding member and long-standing Chairman of the Board of tranzit.cz Jiří Ševčík.

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March news

Biennale Matter of Art 2022 will take place from July 21 to October 23; Call for curators for the 2024 extended /

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To build a degrowth society, we need artistic imagination

The fifth episode of the podcast series Raut entitled Degrowth prevents burnout is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud /

The cultural sector faces pressure to perform and is seeking strategies for how to make art more sustainable.

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We Are All Emotional Festival canceled and rescheduled due to COVID-19

Our organization has decided to take this step in response to the worrying development of the epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic and other countries. /

Please read our official statement on the current situation.

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Kyiv Biennial 2021

The interdisciplinary project is is jointly curated by members of the East Europe Biennial Alliance /

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Mycelium Litvínov

Solidary network for sharing time, experience, and resources to which not everyone has equal access: Our new project takes place at the Libuše community center in Litvínov throughout September 2021 /

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We Are All Emotional

Explore the ongoing series of interviews published throughout 2021 prior to the upcoming performance festival We Are All Emotional /

The series aims to introduce the ten artists who will participate in the festival. The event was supposed to take place in November 2020 but had to be cancelled due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

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Biennale Matter of Art Announces Curators For 2022

The newly created curatorial working group consists of Aziza Harmel, Rado Ištok, Renan Laru-an, Piotr Sikora and the tranzit.cz collective.

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Center and Periphery: Cultural Deserts in Eastern Europe

A two-year project organized by tranzit.cz in collaboration with OsloBiennalen as a part of the activities of the Biennale Matter of Art. The project is funded through the EEA and Norway Grants. /

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Open call for Erasmus+ internship for the position of Production and Curatorial Assistant

The offered position is a Production and Curatorial Assistant in a small collective at the non-profit organization tranzit.cz, which is one of the key institutions in Prague's contemporary art scene. The period of the internship is May – October 2021.

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Biennale Matter of Art 2022: call for curators

tranzit.cz announces an open call for the members of the curatorial working group for the next edition of the Biennale Ve věci umění / Matter of Art (VVUMOA).The task of the group will be to develop a conception of the biennale exhibition for 2022

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Pre-Christmas sale on our publications in the ArtMap bookstore

Our entire publishing line is now available in the ArtMap bookstore with 20% discount, special packages are available for 2/3 of original price!

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Biennale Matter of Art

The project comprises the international exhibition of contemporary art taking place once every two years as well as the platform’s long-term activities, which engage in critical reflection of the institutional aspects of the biennale format in the /

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Biennale Matter of Art announces new date

The first edition of the new showcase for contemporary art will be open from 21 July 2020 /

The programme has been rescheduled due to the measures introduced by the Czech government in response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus outbreak earlier this year. Despite these difficulties the exhibition will be postponed by only one month, will run until October 2020 and admission will be free throughout the event.

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Strike for climate

tranzit.cz strikes for climate /

On September 20, 2019, the team of tranzit.cz strikes for climate.

tranzit.cz changes - board and executive director

new members of team /

After the conclusion of several years of fruitful co-operation on the tranzitdisplay project (2018), tranzit.cz is continuing with changes in its internal structure, functioning and content of activity.

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An Intervention: Lẩu Nghệ Thuật (Art Hotpot)

Nha San Collective /

In a lot of Asian cultures, hotpot is considered a communal eating experience where people would alternately put a variation of ingredients into a heated steamboat placed at the center of the table and eat from it. It is a tradition of family members and friends gathering around the table to share stories with each other. Based on the idea of this comforting cuisine experience, our project is an attempt to intervene into a space of a different artistic landscape, as well as trying to weave a connection between art and cultural activities of Vietnamese in Czech Republic with the community of art practitioners here in order to generate an alternative space for dialogues and exchanges.

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The Kyiv International – ’68 NOW

The Kyiv International edition of May 2018 will explore the political and cultural heritage of the revolt and struggle of 1968, considering the antinomies of this moment for the West and East of Europe fifty years onward. The legacy of May 1968 remains a symbol of liberation and rebellion against entrenched power structures, and a cultural and artistic benchmark for Western Europe. The commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Prague Spring and Soviet military invasion of Czechoslovakia – most immediate in Eastern Europe – continue to define political and cultural divides across the continent. By overlapping the contrasting dimensions of this event, which is the starting point of contemporaneity, The Kyiv International – ’68 NOW contributes to the development of a united European subjectivity grounded in democratic internationalism, based on the principles of solidarity and inclusivity.

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Pre-Christmas book bazaar

Come to catch your book! At the pre-Christmas book bazaar we will have the publications for a favorable prize from tranzit.cz, Fra, Artmap, CD / LP from the Rekomando distribution, posters and postcards and a lot of other books focused on art and art theory, among others from the JRP Ringier publishing house.

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Institution in Residence

Residential program tranzit.cz /

tranzit.cz have chosen participants of program Institution in Residence. In this project we will experiment with forms and programs of institutions and alternative arrangements of functional and power relations in (art) organisations will be challenged.

Visual Culture Research Center
Purusha Research Cooperatives
Ateliér bez vedoucího
Riksa Afiaty

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Romafuturismo Library

tranzit office
Dittrichova 13
120 00 Prague, CZ

Romafuturismo is a library of Roma literature aimed at the emancipation of ethnicities and cultures experiencing discrimination. The collection of works by Roma writers arose gradually thanks to the initiative of Ladislava Gažiová.

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Institutional Diary

tranzit.cz blog /

We started in May 2016 a public blog called “Institutional Diary” where all issues related with the current and future program are discussed.

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tranzit.cz - Series of Multiples

In cooperation with the artists and authors whom we publish we are preparing exhibitions, performances and other activities – tranzit.cz produces a series of multiples.

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Dittrichova 9/337
Praha 2, CZ

The refurbished premises of the bookstore will focus on contemporary art books (including artists’ books) and the history of art after 1945 in countries of the former Eastern Europe.

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cooperation /

tranzitdisplay - a resource centrum for contemporary art - is a project based on a collaboration between two partners - the tranzit initiative and the Display project.

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exhibition - screening - residency /

Kajsa Dahlberg, Harun Farocki, Fritz Quasthoff, Monument to Transformation, Adrian Piper, Katerina Seda,
Tomas Vanek, Vangelis Vlahos

In early 2007 tranzit.cz and the Index Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation created a collaborative programme for the exchange of ideas, projects and productions. three spring exhibitions will take place in Stockholm; Kajsa Dahlberg, who recently exhibited at Index, has been in Prague working on a new work commissioned by tranzit.cz and Index. Two screenings will be arranged by Index at the Svetozor Cinema in Prague.

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cooperation /

is a series of exhibitions, projections, publications, debates and lectures going on for more than three years

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