Moi Tran - Reconfiguring the Value of Sadness. Where do we place our value?

performance + discussion with the artist

You are invited to join Vietnamese Artist Moi Tran to discuss the position of the Vietnamese Diaspora in the Czech Republic and discuss the journey of Vietnamese migrants to Eastern European countries. This open room talk will offer a space to collectively unpack thoughts around Diaspora and ‘appearance zones’ in countries of settlement. The complex relationship between communities of settlement and the Vietnamese Diaspora presents an individual and collective pressure between two opposing points - National and Global, Native and Foreign, First and Second generation, Tradition and Modernity. Can we deconstruct the conceptual and geographical borders to challenge the traditional definitions of Diaspora? For this event there is a focus on the Vietnamese community who have settled in Prague. We invite people from both communities to join in this conversation.

Moi Tran, Born in Vietnam with Chinese Heritage.
A refugee of the Vietnam War, her work examines the effects of Dis/placement and narratives in Diaspora. In an ever-evolving negotiation she calls this process the ‘Eternal detour of identity’. An Artist, Researcher and Designer based in the UK exploring intersections between Contemporary Art and Performance. Tran constructs geo-political intimacy as sites of knowledge production and uses improvisation and duration to investigate alternative ideas of protest. Her work explores relationships within the domain of immediate intimacy and experiences of visibility in spaces of appearance. Tran composes ‘narrative scenarios’ to explore acts that govern our economy of presence to discuss the social geography of individual and relational identity.

Display Gallery, Dittrichova 9, Prague 2
7th June 2019
6.30pm Performance - Burning to the End
7.00pm Artist Sharing of Research Paper

The event will be in English
Free entry

The event was supported by grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Prague and GESTOR - The Union for the Protection of Authorship.

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Photographer - Lexi Sun, Performer - Vanio Papadelli


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