Chris Kraus – I Love Dick: BOOK LAUNCH and picnic

Join us in celebrating the publication of a translation into Czech of the revolutionary novel by the American critic, filmmaker and writer Chris Kraus. I Love Dick lifts the rock on the machismo of the New York intellectual scene of the seventies, eighties and nineties. It is a book that tells of what it is like to be a woman artist and makes no attempt to hide its autobiographical elements.

If the world denies women the right to speak about impersonal matters – says Chris Kraus, rejected by a male-dominated New York cultural scene – there is nothing for it but to write about oneself. No distance is necessary. The personal is political. The detailed examination of “unacceptable” emotions – infatuation, emotional dependency, an inclination to self-destruction – then acquires a political dimension.

The novel is an honest confession of female failure and self-humiliation, the manifesto of a new type of feminist who is unafraid to push through her own narcissism to a responsibility for herself. Above all, I Love Dick is a wonderfully written work of art.

translation: Pavel Černovský
preface: Lubica Kobová
graphic design: Petr Babák, Lukáš Kijonka (laboratoř)
cover: Daniela a Linda Dostálkovy

Wednesday 27 June at 6pm
Přístav 18600 (Za Karlínským Přístavem, Prague)

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