Romafuturismo Library!

opening of the library & reading marathon

We are opening Romafuturismo Library! At these days there are dozens of books from Roma writers, about Roma people and other publications with emancipatory topics in Romany, Czech, Slovak, Russian, English, French and other languages. In the day of opening we will be reading whole day - from 7 am till 7 pm and exceptional book of Elena Lackova I was born under a happy star. At the evening there will be an opening party with a selection of music by Mary C.

Romafuturismo Library
Romafuturismo is a library of Roma literature aimed at the emancipation of ethnicities and cultures experiencing discrimination. The collection of works by Roma writers arose gradually thanks to the initiative of Ladislava Gažiová, who consulted experts in Roma affairs and activists regarding the selection of works. We are mainly interested in collecting European authors, though we are planning to venture beyond the boundaries of our continent. We also want to include books on Roma culture, emancipation and postcolonial studies applicable to the particular problematic of the Roma.

We regard the library as a platform for encountering cultural and political topics, presenting authors and Roma personalities, etc. The primary aim of the library is to involve the Roma community, which should become the main actors in all discussions.

Concept and project initiator: Ladislava Gažiová

E knihovna Romafuturismo – avela phundraďi & buter manuša genena andal e genďi

O maratanos andro geňiben

Calo ďives džala štafetovo geňiben andal e genďi Narodila jsem se pod šťastnou hvězdou savi irinďa ašunďi romaňi literatka e Elena Lackovo. Te genel chudaha efta orendar tosara, the sako jepaš ora genela aver manuš, avka, sar len vičinďam u maškar lende avena the o manuša, save andre knihovna keren buťi, abo hine sar amala.

Knihovna Romafuturismo
E knihovna romaňa literaturaha bajinel pal e emancipacija te džal pal o diskrimiňimen etnika the kulturi. E kolekcija romane autorendar kidkerel upre e Ladislava Gažiovo, savi phučel le romistendar the aktivistendar, save gende te kidel upre. Kamas te kidel le autoren khatar e Evropa, no tiš duminas, hoj kidaha upre romane autorengere buťa save gejle avri na ča andre Evropa. Kamas paše to thovel the o gende andre save hin o tematos pal romaňi kultura, emancipacija the postkolonialne studia, save šaj den o vast andre problematika the situacija andre savi hine o Roma.

La knihovna tiš dikhas sar than, platforma predal o sgejľipena či kulturne abo politicke. Autorengeri prezentacija the anglune romane manušengeri prezentacija, the aver. Amari meta hin, te ke amende rakhel o drom romaňi komunita, savi bi elas andro diskuziji angluno akteris.

Thursday February 1st 2018
Dittrichova 13, Praha 2

7 a. m. – 7 p. m.
reading marathon of a book I was born under a happy star

7 p. m. opening party with a selection of music by Mary C

Event will be held in Czech
Free entry

FB event here

Agosto Foundation, Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Magistrát hl.m. Prahy, MČ Praha 2

Public debate on Kateřina Šedá's publication Brnox / Průvodce brněnským Bronxem, 2016
Romafuturismo Library

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