Launch of A Rebel’s Guide to Lenin

Today’s world is very different to that which Lenin knew. Lenin’s first pamphlet was written by hand, while these day ideas fly around the world with a simple click of a button. However, if Lenin were to be resurrected, he would very quickly recognise many things that have not changed since his era – endless wars, growing inequality between the poor and the rich, harsh state repression, the plundering of poor countries by rich corporations, corruption, and the impotence of mainstream politicians. A different world is not only possible, but essential if humankind is to survive. In order to achieve this we need to organise. Our enemies have power via their organisations, and we need it too.

The central theme of Lenin’s life was the need for organisation, though his ideas as to what form such organisation should take changed over time. Nothing is as surrounded by myths as “Lenin’s party”. Lenin’s work does not comprise a collection of instructions as to how to achieve this objective, and the best Leninist is therefore not he or she who most often quotes Lenin. However, an analysis of Lenin’s experiences and successes could help us to understand better his methods and finally build the type of organisation that we need in our struggle.
Ian Birchal

The pocket-sized A Rebel’s Guide to Lenin attempts to introduce us to the complexity of a man so often disparaged in history. Ian Birchall takes the reader through an introductory analysis of Lenin’s experiences and successes that demonstrates the methods he used and the attempt to create a world in which production would serve humankind’s needs and not profit.

The first of the series being prepared of pocket-sized guides “for every true revolutionary” does not try to include every single detail, but to set forth the most important. It describes Lenin’s decisions in such a way as to enable you to read them out to disbelieving neighbours, aunts or passengers on the tram. Simply, intelligibly and convincingly.

The book has been translated by Vítězslav Lamač, graphic design is by Nela Klímová and illustrations by Alexey Klyuykov.

7pm A lecture on Lenin and his relevance today (Michael Hauser)
7:45-8:15pm Introduction to the book, official launch
8:15-8:45pm Russian protest songs (a concert by Václav Magid)

4 November 7pm Launch of A Rebel’s Guide to Lenin

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