The School of Kiev – the Kiev Biennale 2015 at Tranzitdisplay

What are the biggest problems faced by Ukrainians living in the Czech Republic?

20 October 7pm

Ukrainians make up the largest community of foreigners in the Czech Republic. They include students, service-sector workers and various qualified professionals. What are the biggest problems and barriers they encounter in everyday life and work? What effect is the military conflict in Ukraine having on their lives? The discussion will be participated in by experts in the Ukrainian diaspora as well as representatives of individual social groups.
The School of Kiev – the Kiev Biennale 2015 will run from 8 September to 1 November in Kiev and many other European cities. It is being curated by Hedwig Saxenhuber and Georg Schöllhammer.

The Ukrainian political crisis from the perspective of culture

22 October 7pm

A meeting with Natalia Neshevets and Vasyl Cherepanyn of the Visual Culture Research Center in Kiev, theoreticians of visual culture and activists who are also co-organising this year’s Ukrainian Biennale. The evening will include a showing of film documentaries shot in Eastern Ukraine under the auspices of the biennale.

20 October, 22 October 7pm The School of Kiev – the Kiev Biennale 2015 at Tranzitdisplay

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