Introducing ATLA(S)NOW project: Angelo Bellobono, Adam Vačkář and Alessandro Facente

Tranzitdisplay is delighted to invite you to a discussion between the artists Angelo Bellobono, Adam Vackar and the curator Alessandro Facente introducing the Atla(s)now project, from his genesis to the latest activities.

Starting from the earlier residencies by Angelo Bellobono and Andrea Nacciarriti, the talk will focus on Adam Vackar’s residency in January in Atlas mountains, based on the issue of environmental pollution with plastic waste and developing what he calls "transitive and participative objects". The discussion will also focus on the residency in Italy of the Moroccan mountain guide Id Ali Brahim to be trained as a ski touring teacher and finally the Atla(s)now bus. This project aims to build a bridge between Marrakech and the Atlas mountains reenforcing the geopolitaical dimensions of the V Marrakech Biennale 2014.

Atla(s)now is a relational art project, the artists in residence are invited to prepare a site specific work and workshops along with the community, using local resources and labor in order to create the first Atlas Spread Out Museum. This involves art workshops and training for local ski instructors and mountain guides, empowering their knowledge and reinforcing the local microeconomy. The artists work side by side with Alessandro Facente, the residency program curator, who offers his daily constructive criticism to the work development process, analysing the steps of construction from inside as a diarist, and elaborating his personal recording.

Atla(s)now is made thanks to the generous support of:

- Nando Peretti Foundation: www.nandoperettifound.org
- Kasbah du Toubkal: www.kasbahdutoubkal.com
- Mountain Propre: www.mountainpropre.org
- Esav Marrakech: www.esavmarrakech.com

Introducing ATLA(S)NOW project: Angelo Bellobono, Adam Vačkář and Alessandro Facente
Wednesday 12 February 7pm

Dittrichova 9/337, Prague 2, CZ


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