The Line Galleries Prague – Karlin – Viaduct

This project is dedicated to the experimental search between art, architecture and public activity, and hopes to open the topic of this space for culture and the city.

The viaduct itself will be open to the public for three days 19. - 21. 9. 2013, with the space under the arches serving for galleries, projections, bars, concerts, workshops, theatre, dance and culinary performances. The main part of the project will consist of exhibitions of selected Prague galleries, curators and artists. Participants in the Line Galleries project are:
A.M.180 Gallery, Ferdinand Baumann Gallery, Divus, Drdova Gallery, Gallery Patricia Milano, NTK Gallery, Futura, MeetFactory and Tranzitdisplay, who will create their site-specific installations under the arches of the Negrelli Viaduct in between the streets Křižíkova and Sokolovská.

Some of the installations will be of a permanent character and will remain on site even after the Line Galleries project is finished, beyond the set three-day limit of the event.


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