Eric Beltrán: 10 stories that make people smile with suspicious and complicity

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A conference that will present a selection of my collection of stories and metaphors that will give the frame to present some of my previous works related with travel, chance and coincidence.
It will be the creation of a diagram that will relate non connected subjects like "the life of a croupier in Buenos Aires" to the "creation of false bills" in order to answer questions like:
What is mechanical reproduction? What is a sequence? What is edition? WHAT IS an idea _ a sign _ a symbol _ a signifier _ power _ a transmitter _ a copy _ an original _ history _ the final story _ narrative coherence _ an archive _ the rule of the game _ a player _ translation _ a personality and its creator.

4.00 p.m.
Karlin Studios
Krizikova 34, Prague 8, Czech Republic

organised by monument to transformation and tranzit/display

Monument to Transformation is an interdisciplinary environment (art, humanities, economic and natural science theories). It is a permanent exhibition that constantly questions its formal appearance, which is located in Prague and has been expanding since 2006. Our perspective goal is to expand, transform and reinstall Monument to Transformation until at least 2009.

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