Development Grants for Artists and Theoreticians 2004/I


Each year tranzit awards development grants (and EUR 2,000) to four innovative artists and two theoreticians. These grants are unique in the Czech Republic in that they are awarded as direct support to individuals to help them create and formulate new visions, plans and ideas. The money is not bound to the creation of specific projects.

The grant for artists (EUR 2,000) is awarded to support the artist’s work. It enables the artist, without placing any demands on producing a tangible result, concentrate for a period of time on developing, seeking and sublimating the ideas that precede the creation phase. It offers the artist “free time”. This grant encourages artists to seek alternatives in all levels of their work – from the primary idea to the means of presenting their work to the public.

The grant for theoreticians (EUR 2,000) has similar objectives with regard to theory and curatorial work. The necessity to earn a living leads both independent theoreticians and those working for institutions to employ traditional cultural-institutional formats and schemas. This results in a missed chance to develop and formulate alternative postulates and criteria that more closely correspond to both their own experiences and views of the world, as well to current trends in their field.

Development Grants for Artists and Theoreticians 2004/II


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