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As feminism is far from being a new thing, especially in the art world, there is probably a number of art institutions willing to proclaim themselves to be feminist. However, it remains unclear what exactly makes an institution feminist. Is it an organization led by “women” or one which is more horizontally structured? Is it a venue promoting feminist art and thought? Is it an institution with all-gender restrooms and the possibility of child care during its events? Should it be “safe space” for everyone involved?
In other words, does feminism apply to the program or also the way of working, its organization? Or both? Moreover, as there are many feminist theories and ideologies, it appears crucial to review which feminist ideas and principles have proved to be workable and which represent a dead-end.

The following six-month long program (January – June 2017) attempts to arrive at a general set of principles that might define a feminist (art) institution.

It is composed of closed seminars (applications by e-mail) and open lectures led by theoreticians and historians of feminist organizing as well as practitioners who have attempted to apply feminist principles while managing institutions. The program itself will attempt to organize itself in accordance with feminist principles.

The seminar is attended by a group of regular participants (artists, curators, critics from the Czech Republic and Slovakia) who are trying to find out a definition of a feminist institution that would be workable for them.

The goal of the seminar is to formulate a set of principles that we could follow and that could initiate further debate about sexism within art institutions in the Czech Republic/Slovakia and beyond. The seminars are about sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience.
The session lasts about one hour and half - two hours.

tranzit office
Dittrichova 13, Prague


organized by tranzit.cz

Curator: Tereza Stejskalová

List of guests/speakers:

Denise Beer
Lubica Kobová (Slovakia, Czech Republic)
Xabier Arakistain (Spain)
Ewa Majewska (Poland)
Giovanna Zapperi (Italy)

Ewa Majewska: lecture. In the frame of Feminist (Art) Institution. Weak resistance as methodology
Lecture and Seminar with GIOVANNA ZAPPERI in the frame of Feminist (Art) Institution Towards an autonomous feminist institution: Carla Lonzi and autocoscienza.
Lecture and Seminar with Xabier Arakistain in the frame of Feminist (Art) Institution
Lubica Kobová: Strategies of feminist organizing. A Seminar on Sexual Difference by Luis Muraro
Seminar with Denise Beer in the frame of Feminist (Art) Institution project

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