Biennale Matter of Art 2024

The third edition of the Prague-based international exhibition organised by tranzit.cz /

This year's Biennale Matter of Art will take place from June 14, 2024, to September 29, 2024, in the Grand Hall of the National Gallery Prague and other venues. Curated by Katalin Erdődi and Aleksei Borisionok, the project will also feature a new bilingual publication comprising theoretical texts and artistic contributions. Admission to the biennale as well as the accompanying public program will be free of charge.

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Public program of the Biennale Matter of Art 2024

guided tours, performances, discussions, film screenings, and educational and mediation workshops for adults and children /

The biennale starts with the three-day opening weekend from June 13–15 in the National Gallery Prague and the Lidice Gallery and runs until September 29. Admission to the exhibition as well as most of the public program will be free of charge.

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Kyiv 23' Biennial

The fifth edition of Kyiv Biennial will be international and will take place in Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhhorod, Vienna, Warsaw and Berlin.

In view of the brutal Russian attack on Ukraine, a comprehensive biennial project in Kyiv long seemed deeply uncertain, if not impossible. But, with a cascade of openings – starting in Kyiv and Vienna in October 2023, finishing in Berlin in 2024 – the fifth Kyiv Biennial will take place. This Biennial edition is conceived as a European event, with dispersed exhibitions and public programs in a number of Ukrainian and EU cities, and realized in partnership with leading European institutions in the field of contemporary art.

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Biennale Matter of Art 2022 has come to a close in Prague, Katalin Erdődi and Aleksei Borisionok appointed curators for the 2024 edition

Both Erdődi and Borisionok are based in Vienna, Austria, and Matter of Art marks their first professional collaboration. /

The biennale, which ended on October 23, focused on contemporary notions of decolonization in Central and Eastern Europe. Furthermore, it has brought attention to the topics of vulnerability, resilience, and trauma, both collective and individual.

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Biennale Matter of Art Prague 2022

The second edition of the international exhibition organized by tranzit.cz /

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Biennale Matter of Art 2022 announces venues

A hospital, a white cube, and an art nouveau landmark /

Biennale Matter of Art Prague 2022 announces venues for the upcoming edition. The exhibition will take place from July 21 to October 23, 2022 across three sites that offer a very distinct architectural backdrop to the exhibition.

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Open Call: Biennale Matter of Art 2024 seeks curators

Tranzit.cz announces an open call for curators for the 2024 edition of the Biennale Matter of Art. Both individuals and collectives are welcome to apply for the selection proceedings. Proposal deadline is March 15, 2022 /

The mission of the newly appointed curator(s) will consist of the curatorial development of new art commissions, the programming of a three-month exhibition and the community program, and the editorial conception and content development of The Biennale Reader.

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Biennale Matter of Art 2020 Exhibition Came to a Close

It connected international contemporary art with activities for the local community, has concluded. The project continues with an online program. /

The exhibition with the subtitle Come Closer was organized by tranzit.cz and took place in Prague from 22 July to 15 November 2020 in five main locations.

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Come Closer: Biennale Matter of Art opens on July 22

The project comprises an exhibition of contemporary art as well as an expansive community program /

Among the participants of the first edition are Lucy Beech, Ragnar Kjartansson, Candice Breitz, Marina Abramović, Thomas Hirschhorn, Iza Pavlina, Jean-Charles de Quillacq, Eric Baudelaire, Karol Radziszewski & dozens of others.

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Confusion is Chaos Buried

pop up exhibition + performance /

The one-day pop-up exhibition will tackle the topic of diasporic condition, what it means to have more than one identity, to exist between two cultural contexts, to inherit a culture or to identify with a culture.

Anthill, Americká 39, Prague 2
September 29, 2019 at 6 p.m

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