Lia Perjovschi: Knowledge Museum (10.9.-3.11.)

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Lia Perjovschi is one of the proponents of the “archival turn” in contemporary art practice. At the beginnings of this turn was the necessity of sharing all art production and information about art in the circumstances of Romania in the 80s controlled by Ceausescu.

From the early 90s onwards, Lia Perjovschi along with her husband transformed their studio into the Conteporary Art Archive – a collection of books, magazines, visual reproductions and other media. The archive was accessible and was spiced up by guest lectures and discussions with
random passers-by.

Lia Perovschi decided to rename the Archive to The Center for Art Analysis, but changed primarily its function. It became an encyclopedic source of themes, motifs, histories and narratives that Lia Perjovschi edits subjectively – cuts, copies, reproduces, stages, installs and comments on in gallery spaces.

The history of the archive will be displayed at Tranzitdisplay along with the project Plans for a Knowledge Museum – a similar, encyclopedically based and at the same time subjectively installed sum of human knowledge. Perjovschi has been working on the “archiving” of this knowledge for a number of years now.

Lia Perjovschi: Knowledge Museum (10.9.-3.11.)
opening 10. 9. 2013, 19,00

opening hours Tue-Sun 12.00 noon - 6.00 p.m.
Dittrichova 9/337, Prague 2, CZ

support Ministry of Culture, City of Prague, Prague 2 Municipality
media partner A2 cultural bi-weekly


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