A Spoken Word Live Events

as the part of the Spoken Word Exhibition

tomorrow Thursday the 17th of April at 18.00 KING MOB

date after tomorrow Friday the 18th at 18.00 SUSAN STENGER, Dislocated Dialogue

two days after tomorrow Satuday at 18.00 KARL HOLMQVIST, A Concrete Poem

three days after tomorrow Sunday at 18.00 FIA BACKSTRÖM, Instant Extra +

Dittrichova 9, Prague

Thursday 17. 04. 2008, 18.00, King Mob

It is a great honour to begin this final a Series of Spoken Word Events with a rare public appearance of the King Mob, who will use this opportunity to not only declaim his incendiary manifesto but to also affirm the pre-eminence of the spoken word and the human voice over
all other forms! The performances will be introduced by Mathieu Copeland.
Crowned in a United Kingdom in 1998, shortly thereafter deposed by the machinations of Global Military Industrial Complexity. Now living in ironic exile in the People's Republic
of Cork, Eire. King Mob sports, spurts and espouses only the Spoken Word. Proclamations of Support were issued by Nick Cave (The Secret Life Of The Love Song) , Charles Bukowski
(On Agony Street & Terror Way) Ken Campbell (Shakespere re-languaged), art-striker Stewart Home,and London re-imaginer Iain Sinclair (Downriver). Historical Recognition Awards were also granted to The Black Panthers (recorded by William Seward Burroughs) & Ken Kesey (The Merry Pranksters Acid Tests).
The Mob will rise again!

Friday, 18. 04. 2008, 18.00, Susan Stenger, Dislocated Dialogues

Susan Stenger will take over the space of Tranzit/Display with a 'display' over spoken words, with a new piece entitlted Dislocated Dialogues. This piece addresses notions of text and context, sound, meaning and translation....language as a means of traversing internal terrain, revisiting and reordering experience.
Inspired by early occasions of dreaming in Czech as an English-speaking student in Prague, Stenger combines fragments from memories of song lyrics, grammar lessons,guide books, films, literature and conversations into a highly personal, evocative and surreal sound environment.

Susan Stenger. After studying classical flute in Prague, she joined Petr Kotik's New York City-based SEM Ensemble. She soon began composing and performing her own music for flute and electronics,. In 1987 Stenger joined Robert Poss in forming Band of Susans; BOS went on to release nine critically acclaimed CDs. Stenger moved to London in 1996 and formed The Brood, a unique gathering of musicians from the fields of rock, electronics and improvisation with a common interest in 'classic' experimental music. Performers have included Finnish electronics duo Pan Sonic, Justine Frischmann
of Elastica, Bruce Gilbert and Robert Grey of Wire, David Thomas of Pere Ubu and composer/bassist Gavin Bryars. In 1997 Stenger recruited visual artists Angela Bulloch, Cerith Wyn Evans and Tom Gidley and musician J. Mitch Flacko to form all-bass-band Big Bottom, which has served as both sound and set for dancer/choreographer Michael Clark's productions.
Stenger's work for Big Bottom and solo bass explores the fundamentals of sound and structure through the primal power of amplified vibrating strings and reflects her continued fascination with the gestures and vocabulary of rock and heavy metal. In 2006, Susan composed a 96-day sound installation as part of "Soundtrack For An Exhibition", presented at MOCA Lyon in
2006. She continues to perform the music of other composers on flute and bass and has toured with Siouxie Sioux, John Cale and Nick Cave. www.susanstenger.co.uk

Saturday 19. 04. 2008, Karl Holmqvist, A Concrete Poem

Karl Holmqvist will read on the 19th of April at 6 p. m. for Tranzitdisplay a new concrete poem and will discuss its genesis. This will be a unique & rare opportunity to engage with an artist whose practice encompasses the spoken words, the crafting of a concrete poetry - a poetry made of concrete as an environment to live in, and thus comforting what could be our motto: 'spoken words to the world'.

Karl Holmqvist (b. Vasteras, Sweden, 1964 - now living and working in Berlin) believes in the communal and emotive aspects of the spoken and the act of listening as a counter balance to the more isolatory and authoritative qualities of the written word. Transformatory potentials can be said to be explored through the spoken word as it allows the entering
of a text through stage performance. A highly mercurial and influential artist, he has exhibited internationally for more
than fifteen years. In 2008 he will have a solo exhibition at the Living Art Museum in Reykjavik. Previous solo projects include: 'The Grey Triangle', Hollybush Gardens, London (2007); 'Nausea', Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin (2006); and 'White Noise', Schipper & Krome, Cologne (1995), amongst others. He has participated and performed in many situations and exhibitions
including: 'A Spoken Word Exhibition' a part of 'PERFORMA 07', Swiss Institute, New York; 'Dead Already', Reena Spaulings, New York; and 'Speakers Corner' at the Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (all 2007.) His work will be included in the 2008 'Manifesta' exhibition in Trento. His many artist's books and publications include: 'Facehug', Berlin, 2007; 'Cat People', Air de Paris, Paris (2006); and 'I ON A LION in ZION', Vilnius (2005). www.girlkarl.com

Sunday 20. 4. 2008, 18.00, Fia Backström INSTANT EXTRA +

It is with great pleasure that we will conclude on Sunday the 20th of April the series of Spoken Word Events
with the first performance by Fia Backstrom in the Czech Republic, a new piece entitled "INSTANT EXTRA +".
This piece will take the form of 'a long abstract conversation in roundtable format'. The script is derived from current
information fed into our everyday lives in list format, such as stock image keywords, sports results, table of contents of art theory books, stock exchange indexes...
New York & Stockholm based artist, Fia Backstrom (born in Stockholm) has recently exhibited at Andrew Kreps Gallery, Elizabeth Dee Gallery, all in New York and at "United Nations Plaza", Berlin, Fortescue Avenue, London, Sculpture Center New York. She teaches at School of Visual Arts NY, and has published texts in Pacemaker, North Drive Press, Artforum, Art on Paper and Zurich Künsthalle catalogue for Walker, Smith,Price and Guyton. Forthcoming exhibition include a solo show at
White Columns NY, and is currently included in the Whitney Biennial for contemporary art 2008. www.fiabackstrom.com

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