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A Mexican artist who introduces a new layer added to its on-going project called Ergo Sum (first shown at the exhi¬bition titled Records and Habits, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea in Santiago de Compostella, published as
a 320 page newspaper by Fundació Tápies, Barcelona, in 2006).

Ergo Sum is a loaded text-and-image burden, con¬tent-wise operating as an in-between space of signs, ideas and intuitions, referring to such notions as the discourse, the archive, the collection, the game and the randomness. For the exhibition in tranzitdisplay, a new extension of the project was produced, resulting in a publication in Czech language, taking into account the local context.

“Ergo sum strives to be a publication/radiography following the development of an argument. A record of the subtle transformations of an idea and its evolution. An archive that would change its shape depending on the forces that influence it. A kind of route machine to use continuously, a map that unfolds when you turn a page. The interest in these sets of references comes from the attempt to decrypt that specific text, that specific space…that conceptual territory. What is suggested is an indirect reading, which will always contain a phantom idea (a network of forces that control visible elements) and something more: a reading that will always negotiate between the unequivocal and the multivalent, between the coherent and the incoherent, between the integrated and the independent.”
(Erick Beltran)

Another work conceived by Beltrán occupies all flat surfaces of one of the rooms of tranzitdisplay. This work presents schemes and diagrams, functioning as visualisations of various ideas, thoughts, relations and processes. The text content is strictly erased, a sign is preserved.

Erick Beltrán conquers the space of tranzitdisplay, by means of analyzing, displaying and interpreting of the seg¬ments of conceptual and image universes.

9.11. - 2.12. 2007

Dittrichova 9/337, ‚120 00 Praha 2, CZ

opening hours:
tue-fri: 12-19
sat-sun: 13-18

Opening of tranzitdisplay

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