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act: one of the major divisions of a play. in classical theory, a play is divided into five acts, but the number was cut to four by ibsen. most modern plays employ three acts, althought many have only two or eliminate act structure entirely and use only scene division.
scenes: the french clssical playwrights, for instance, began and concluded scenes by the entrances and exits of characters. in the modern theatrical performance scene divisions are marked by the use of the curtain, which is lowered at the conclusion of the scene to indicate a change either in time or local.
characters: I, hero -heroine, protagonist, confidant, antagonist
dramatic elements: agon, catharsis, chorus, deux ex machina, obligatory scene, parabasis
figures of speech: hyberbole, paradox, personification
narative types: autobiography, biography, epistolary novel, psychological novel, fiction
rhetorical figures: apostrophe, chiasmus, invocation, rhetorical question, zeugma

what is an ontology?

a body of formally represented knowledge is based on a conceptualization: the objects, concepts, and other entities that are assumed to exist in some area of interest and the relationships that hold among them. a conceptualization is an abstract, simplified view of the world that we wish to represent for some purpose. every knowledge base, knowledge-based system, or knowledge-level agent is committed to some conceptualization, explicitly or implicitly. an ontology is an explicit specification of a conceptualization. the term is borrowed from philosophy, where an ontology is a systematic account of existence.

30.5. - 13.8.2006
Futura, Holečkova 49
Prague, Czech Republic

an exhibion in three acts staged in: tranzit dielne bratislava (june 2005), futura praha (may 2006), secession vienna (september 2006)

act number two: futura - space for contemporary art

i saskia holmkvist i omer fast i fikret atay i martin creed i silvie vondřejcová i alan currall i ján mančuška i stano filko i jiří skála i lise harlev i jiří kovanda i boris ondreička i roman ondák i barbara visser i igor korpaczewski i pavel braila i ivan moudov i bas jan ader i lawrence weiner

curator i vít havránek

thanks to all the participating artists and:
tranzit dielne bratislava, secession wien, iaspis sweden, galerie chantal crousel, index stockholm, gb agency, iscp new york, trust for mutual understanding, center for contemporary art prague, lara blanchy, iara boubnova, nathalie boutin, alberto di stefano, pavla gajdošíková, solène guillier, mathias herrmann, jens hoffmann, marjána jůdová, maria lind, boris ondreička, pawel polit, mats stjernstedt, trevor smith, sabine schaschl-cooper, bettina steinbrügge, ondřej stupal.
thanks last but not least to all
the tranzit people for providing their knowledge, contacts and funds.

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