I - Narrow Focus

exhibition in three acts

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This is a group exhibition based on concrete and single artworks.

Curator felt necessary to reassemble them again because he has seen them during a year and a half on different places on different exhibitions or in studios and was fascinated by them so he enrolled them in his pocket-book without any certain purpose then a possibility to make an exhibition occurred and he was interested to realize his intuitive choice.

Place where the exhibition takes place is tranzit workshops in Bratislava its spirit is coming from Boris Ondreička who is somebody I personally like since the moment we have started to collaborate on the hyper textual activity at the time called nonspekta when the choice of the works was made.
The curator figured out that in spite of the intuitive gathering principle that has been used there can be find a feeling or phenomena connecting the assembled works what connects the exhibited works is close to the personal principle of choosing and can be called personalization it is something beyond the thematic thinking and is more related to the process of treating looking at choosing an angle focusing and if we talking about the operation of focusing the depth of focus is extremely narrow.

tranzit dielne workshops Bratislava, Studena 12, Bratislava, Slovakia

a three act exhibition staged in: dielna tranzit bratislava (summer 2005) futura in praha (june 2006), secession in vienna (september 2006)

Ondřej Brody—Viktor Frešo—Jiří Skála—Evžen Šimera—Martin Creed—Allan Curall—Omer Fast—Stano Filko—Lise Harlev—Ján Mančuška—Roman Ondák—Boris Ondreička—Saskia Holmkvist—Johanna Billing—Fikret Atay—Fiorenza Menini—Silvie Vondrejcová—Ella Ziegler

curator Vít Havránek
graphic design Radim Peško

Thanks to all the participating artists and Iaspis Sweden Frac Languedoc-Roussillon Galerie Chantal Crousel Index Stockholm GB Agency Iscp New York trust for mutual
understanding Center for Contemporary Art Prague Lara Blanchy Nathalie Boutin Solene Guillier Emmanuel Latreille Maria Lind Boris Ondreička Pawel Polit Mats Stjernstedt
Trevor Smith Sabine Schaschl-Cooper Bettina Steinbrügge
and last but not least to
all the tranzit people for providing their knowledge contacts and funds

I (Ich) Performative Onthology


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