A History of Forgetting


The evening will consist of several films loosely connected to the New York. The film’s connection to the New York art scene can be direct, as in Jem Cohen’s "Lost Book Found," a meditation about the city and life there. Matthew Buckingham’s film uses a historical fiction approach to investigate the constructs of contemporary life in the United States in relation to a mythic "original" America. In "Sans Soleil" (1983), cult filmmaker Chris Marker readsthe letters between an unknown woman and her cameraman boyfriend who travels the world and is attracted by two extreme poles of civilization - Japan and Africa. The cameraman’s narrative reflect his thoughts about how the world is represented through the medium of film, and how it is affected by the processes of memory and forgetting.

Selected and introduced by Františka and Tim Gilman-Ševčík

total length: 170 min.
original version with simultaneous translation in czech

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