Atlas of Transformation Awards

Two international awards
We would like to inform you about two international awards for the book "Atlas of transformation" (Czech version) and "Atlas of Transformation" (English …

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Posters by Post

tranzit publication - special projects
the poster medium will be combined with the artist’s option of using one side as his or her catalogue …

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Hakim Bey: Dočasná autonomní zóna (Temporary Autonomous Zon

navigation series - book 0002
The first complete translation of a significant work on the history and present state of anarchy and parallel social structures. …

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Nicolas Bourriaud: Postprodukce (Postproduction)

navigation series - book 0001
First Czech translation of Nicolas Bourriard´s texts, the French curator and art theoretician. …

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The Need to Document

The book The Need to Document attempts to make out the backgrounds leading to this turn towards documentation, as well as the thematic focuses and concerns …

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Autobiographies is the catalogue of third part or “act” in a series of exhibitions taking place in Bratislava (I Narrow Focus, June —August, 2005, …

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