Counterplanning from the Kitchen

Workshop on Cooperativist Art Institution

"Counterplanning from the Kitchen"
Workshop on Cooperativist Art Institution

Precarization operates mainly by separating workers from their autonomy of life reproduction, then enclosing the latter, and giving it back to the workers in the form of commodity. In order to get access to their living, the workers must throw themselves in the precarious relations of work in order to get money to buy their now commodified life. In art field, the precarious relations manifest in the loose form of institutionalization, unspoken crypto-hierarchic equality, and normalized practice of self-exploitation. It is then necessary to reclaim the autonomy of life reproduction if there will be a meaningful liberation from precarization.

Drawing from their research on the dynamics of precarization in art field, Yosie and Cecil attempt to formulate a practical and strategic planning to reverse the ongoing precarization(s) by using cooperativist strategy. The workshop will develop mainly around two topics: the outline of a grand-strategy that might reverse the processes of precarization experienced by the workers, and the principle of democratic management. They will then share their own operationalization of the strategy and management principles in their very own cooperatives in Jakarta.

Monday 23 October 7 p. m.
tranzit office
Dittrichova 13, Prague

Hizkia Yosie Polimpung
is a researcher in Koperasi Riset Purusha (Purusha Research Cooperatives), specializing in urbanization process, post-Fordist economy and psychoanalysis. He is also a member of editor-collective of IndoProgress, an Indonesian daily and journal for progressive thinking. He gives therapy session as a hypno-/psychotherapist in Minerva Co-Lab, a cooperative-run clinic. He is the author of two books: Asal Usul Kedaulatan: Psikogenealogi Hasrat Mikrofasis Bernegara (The Origin of Sovereignty: Psychogenealogy of Microfascist Desire of the State; 2014) and Ontoantropologi: Fantasi Realisme Spekulatif Quentin Meillassoux (Ontoanthropology: Fantasy of Quentin Meillassoux's Speculative Realism; 2017).

Cecil Mariani is an artist, graphic designer, a lecturer at the Institut Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Arts Institute), an advisory board member of SINDIKASI (media and creative workers union) as well as a researcher in Koperasi Riset Purusha (Purusha Research Cooperatives). One of her latest work is including the experiment of Instagram-based Participatory Currency and Open Collective Kitchen (OK Video and Koperasi Riset Purusha, Jakarta).

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