SdCh – The Last Little Goose (dramatic gastro-politics)

stage play

Polí5 and tranzit.cz
invite you to
the stage play, being organised by Polí5 as an important contribution to the 2017 elections

‘Find a second or third job, or it won’t be a nice plump goose we tuck into but a scrawny bag of bones. And don’t think I’m prepared to gnaw on bones forever! I’m only human and I have my limits and boundaries just like you! It’s up to you to decide under what circumstances we meet here next time, if we’re going to be chasing bones around the pan with shit-covered fingers or gorging ourselves on a big fat juicy bird!’

A naked stripper is writhing on the table in the middle of a large rustic kitchen. A political representative preparing to roast a giant goose will interrupt her performance because, as he says, there’s another striptease about to take place. And no-one can deny that. After the stripper leaves, he begins to expose the tumescent enormity of his passion for guzzling roast goose in one sitting. He even names the roast Zuzanka...

Thus begins the play by the dramatist, prose writer, collagist, librettist and comics writer, composer, lyricist and leader of the band Ruce naší Dory, who writes under the pseudonym S. d. Ch.

The play was entered for the Ferdinand Vaněk Award. This is a competition that was organised for the second time in 2015 by the magazine World and Theatre, which contacted leading European playwrights and asked them to write a short play on a political theme.

19. 10., 7pm
Dittrichova 9, Prague

the play lasts 50 minutes

performed by the writer and his friends

voluntary entrance fee

the event is held in Czech

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