Launch of book: Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp by Pierre Cabanne

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Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp by Pierre Cabanne

The ground-breaking importance of Duchamp’s oeuvre, which challenges the development of artistic representation, only began to be grasped in its wider context thanks to practitioners and theoreticians of conceptual art, minimalist art and pop art at the start of the sixties. This book make a significant contribution to the shift in the centre of gravity from retinal to cerebral, a shift that typified the latter half of the twentieth century.

Duchamp offers a completely new perspective on the history of representation and the function of art, and is essential reading for those wishing to have an informed opinion regarding the tempestuous development of art in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

9. 9. 2017 at 6 pm
on 99th anniversary of Duchamp's arrival to Buenos Aires on a steamboat of SS Crofton Hall

Cafe FRA, Šafaříkova 15, Praha 2

Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp by Pierre Cabanne

edition navigace volume 0018

published by tranzit.cz

from French original: Marcel Duchamp, Entretiens avec Pierre Cabanne, Éditions Allia, Éditions Sables, 2014

Czech publication
author: Marcel Duchamp, Pierre Cabanne
editor: Vít Havránek
translation: Anna Žilková
graphics: (laboratory) Petr Babák, Lukáš Kijonka
publisher: tranzit.cz (www.tranzit.org)
Prague, June 2017
ISBN 978-80-87259-39-9
158 pages
Price on launch: 200 CZK, normal price: 290 CZK

with support of Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic


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