Public debate on Kateřina Šedá's publication Brnox / Průvodce brněnským Bronxem, 2016


The book is in the form of a guide via ten routes around Cejl and its surroundings (Brnox), and since its publication in 2016 it has generated a range of positive and critical responses.
The point of the discussion, held directly in locations to which the book relates, shall be to hear the opinions of those invited to attend, and subsequently to engage in a debate with them.

The discussion will feature:

Pavel Barša, political scientist employed at the Institute of Political Science of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University and the Institute of International Relations.
Lucie Faulerová, academic in the field of Czech studies and editor of Brnox / Průvodce brněnským Bronxem
Ondřej Liška, Country Director Czech Republic Ashoka
Miroslav Maixner, ethnologist, doctoral student at the Brno Faculty of Fine Arts
Ilona Németh, artist and professor at the Bratislava University of Fine Arts
David Oplatek, social worker, director of the Citizen's Advice Bureau, Brno
Peter Pollák, university lecturer
Edita Stejskalová, political scientist, civic activist
Tomáš Ščuka, Youth Roma Parliament, graduate from police academy
Kateřina Šedá, artist, author of the Brnox project

6.4. 2017, 7 pm.
“Mikulášek” Restaurant
Elgartova 8, 614 00, Brno-Husovice

Admission to discussion free of charge.
The discussion is held in Czech.

Event is held in cooperation with artyčok.tv, internet platform for contemporary art (www.artycok.tv)
tranzit.cz, an initiative in the field of contemporary art.

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