Theatre of the Oppressed: Ceiling, Love and Placebo


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Three scenes from the environment of contemporary visual art

Several debates have been held and a great deal of articles written about the problems of the Czech art scene. However, sometimes words remain empty and powerless to change anything fundamental.

A group of artists, curators and other institutional agents have come together to investigate these issues via specific work with the body and emotions.

Over the course of two weekends we created three short stories based on our own concrete experiences. Through the medium of the Theatre of the Oppressed we would like to share them with you and together seek a path towards a solution

The Theatre of the Oppressed describes theatrical forms that the Brazilian theatre practitioner and activist Augusto Boal first elaborated in the 1960s. Boal was influenced by the educator and theoretician Paulo Freire.

The aim is to encourage people to reflect upon their own situation, to create a space in which it is possible to experiment with different forms of behaviour, and in this way to initiate social and political change.

The public itself plays an important role in the Theatre of the Oppressed by being actively engaged in a performance and reflecting upon and analysing critically the reality of the world in which we live.

The actors examine problems they are facing in their own lives and offer them to the audience for resolution.

We want to avail ourselves of these techniques in order to think about critically (and experience) the key questions and problems of the artistic infrastructure we are creating.

What are the biggest problems facing domestic institutional operations and how should we tackle them? In the words of the Theatre of the Oppressed: What (or who) is oppressing us? What possible resolutions to these problems exist and what direction should we head in as of now?

23.11. 2016 7 pm
Autonomní sociální centrum Klinika
Jeseniova 60, Prague

Cast: Zbyněk Baladrán, Vjera Borozan, Vít Havránek, Věra Janíčková, Karina Kottová, Martin Mazanec, Michal Novotný, Tereza Stejskalová, Barbora Švehláková, Jaro Varga, Markéta Vinglerová

Joker (moderator between cast and audience): Martina Čurdová.

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